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How do I buy foreign bonds directly?

Direct Foreign Bond Purchases
With an account that allows for internationaltrading, investors can buy foreign bonds roughly the waythey buy U.S. bonds. Their broker provides them witha list of bonds that are available and they can buythe bonds at the market's price.

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Correspondingly, are foreign bonds a good investment?

It can be best viewed as a complement to our Total BondMarket Index Fund. For those investors interested in furtherdiversifying their portfolio, foreign bonds can make sense.Our research has shown that adding some exposure to foreignbonds in a variety of portfolios can reduce risk onaverage.

Subsequently, question is, can you buy bonds from a bank? Traditionally, you could buy U.S. SavingsBonds at banks and credit unions, but that optionended in 2012. The U.S. Treasury only allows U.S. savings bondpurchases online or as part of your tax refund. You stillcan redeem paper savings bonds at most financialinstitutions.

Also question is, can a non US citizen buy Treasury bonds?

Whether you as a non-citizen of the UScan buy US Treasuries is a legal question for your localauthorities. If you may do so, and you cannot buy themdirectly from the US Treasury online, you should be able todo so through a local broker. How can people from a foreigncountry buy U.S. Treasury bonds?

What is a foreign bond?

A foreign bond is a bond issued in adomestic market by a foreign entity in the domestic market'scurrency as a means of raising capital. For foreign firmsdoing a large amount of business in the domestic market, issuingforeign bonds, such as bulldog bonds, Matildabonds, and samurai bonds, is a commonpractice.

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