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Why do I keep having breakthrough bleeding?

The following infections and conditions can causebreakthrough bleeding: sexually transmitted infections(STIs), such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. vaginitis. pelvicinflammatory disease.

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Moreover, how long should breakthrough bleeding last?

Breakthrough bleeding on the pill usually stopswithin three to six months of starting the pill. Episodes ofbleeding can last longer if you are taking acontinuous birth control pill or if you often forget to takeyour pill.

Additionally, when should I be worried about breakthrough bleeding on the pill? It is normal to worry when you start experiencingsome breakthrough bleeding when you are on contraception.But it is normal to experience spotting especially when youare on the pill as this is a sign that your body isadjusting to new hormones.

Besides, why do I have breakthrough bleeding?

If fibroids develop in your uterus, it can leadto breakthrough bleeding. These growths may be caused byanything from genetics to hormones. Along with breakthroughbleeding, you may experience: heavy bleeding during yourmenstrual period.

Why is breakthrough bleeding Brown?

Hormonal birth control causes your uterine lining tobecome thinner, which can eventually cause brown dischargeor even no period at all. If you're on birth control, you couldalso have breakthrough bleeding, which causes light browndischarge or spotting.

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